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…Snookering the Evangelical Left

Chapter 25, the False Prophet

by Doug Krieger


The “Evangelical Left” has now become a handy tool in the hand of the False Prophet – just how can that be?  “Economic interruptus” is the proven method of those who assail the rich, while giving “hope” to the impoverished masses who must await the Kingdom of God for better times somewhere in the Millennium!            

New Letter 6-4-10

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righetti The Right-Wing Antichrist
Snookering the Evangelical Left
Chapter 25, the False Prophet


Israel's Feasts
…Prophetic Implications
Chapter 24, the False Prophet


Revelation 18:4 – Flee Babylon
…Discernment Anyone?
Chapter 23, the False Prophet


Kinetic Military Action
“Rumors of War” and
Apocalypse Dawn
Chapter 22 – The False Prophet


Hal Lindsey & David Wilkerson
An Open Letter from the Tribnet
Chapter 21 – The False Prophet 


Blood and Fire
of Kings, Oil, Iraq and the West
Chapter 20 – The False Prophet



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Apostle Peter Wins as Jerusalem's First NP Mayor

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Chaos Leading to
War And Peace

He will enforce the Treaty

The King of the Bottomless Pit

amanda righetti bound and gaggedrighetti

amanda righetti bound and gaggedamanda righetti bound and gagged Emergent Church vs. The Call

Babylon, America, the
Church and
Liberation Theology

Man vs. Boy?

Catastrophes and Conspiracies

The Indifferent Church



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1“‘I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control otherwise they might get me into trouble.’” 

“Yet, what is one to make of a child who believed he was God?”

“Yet, as an adult, he offered no sign, no dismissive gesture, no footnote signifying that he no longer clung to such wild convictions, but only the suggestion of how difficult it was for someone to believe himself a deity.” (The unauthorized biography of Soros (George)—Soros, The Life, Times & Trading Secrets of the World’s Greatest Investor).

The False Prophet’s clever distractions – let alone those absorbed in their own self-approbation and propriety – will proliferate in the end of days – what appears self-evident, turns out to be bogus.  In sum – and I will occasionally repeat this:  It’s the economy stupid!

Our notion that a “false christ” has to be someone with at least “religious overtones” isn’t always the case.  You see, messiahs come in all sizes.  Likewise, their utopian message of “liberty, equality, fraternity” can lobe off your head as in the French Revolution or extend self-sacrificial love by feeding the poor at the Union Gospel Rescue Mission.  Messiah connotes Deliverer, Deliverance.  So, to some – especially the Lefties among us – anything that smacks of elitism, particularism or some form of absolutism are anathema (whoops, the practice of “spiritual apartheid”) to “progressives.”  Therefore, those among the Left who are ultra-self-absorbed types – but whose funding mechanisms do mean a lot to us – should keep their messianic aspirations coy…just shroud them on the interior and release them only to make yourself more humble; that way, we’ll enjoy the ride and put up with your overweening sense of propriety…at least, it’s more tolerable to our liberal sensitivities.

Oh, and by the way, memories conveniently fail – as they are wont to do – for they who incessantly parade the racism of fascism about as fertile ground for Antichrist…not forgetting the Hitler-Tojo Axis did in fact kill its millions…but the Left’s carnage, you know, the atheistic religious fervency of the Stalin-Mao insanity, maimed and mauled its millions, perhaps more so.  Therefore, lest we forget who’s Right and who’s Left here….



…Prophetic Implications

Chapter 24, the False Prophet

by Doug Krieger

Israel’s Feast Days and the False Prophet – what 1on earth do these two have in common?  Much in every way – for they signal the timing of Daniel’s Seventieth Week – yet future (much to the chagrin of our Seventh-Day Adventist, Mormon, Jehovah Witnesses and a truckload of Amillenarian brethren).  The idea that the Jesuits in the Counter-Reformation invented the notion that the Antichrist was a personal figure – in order to take the Amillenarian-Reformer’s heat off the Vatican and the Pontiff – and that John Nelson Darby fell for their charade; and worse yet, that C. I. Scofield marketed these alleged fabrications and doctrinal distortions to the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary, one Louis Sperry Chafer and thence to John Walvoord and most Premillenarian institutions (in particular, Bible Schools and many an evangelical seminary) is nothing more than historic revisionism (See here for explanation).


For an expanded presentation of "The Prophetic Calendar Based On Israel's Feast Days" or "The Prophetic Significance of Feasts of Israel" please "click here" for 30 special slides on this topic.  Later, a video will be forthcoming with "voice over" that will match the slide presentation.


The futurity of Daniel’s Seventieth Week dates back to our Early Church Fathers (See my article:  Early Church Fathers – Our Prophetic Legacy, Chapter 11, the Prophetic Sequence) – and, insofar as the Antichrist being a future political leader…to the time of the Roman Empire’s First and Second Century A.D.  Perhaps the amplification of the Feast Days in the Gospel of John are not as well known with regard to their prophetic implications, nor, for that matter, the 75 days beyond the Seventieth Week of Daniel’s prophecy committed “for your people and for your holy city” (i.e., to the Jews – See Daniel 12:11-12) – however, bless God, we “Gentiles should be fellow heirs, of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel…according to the gift of the grace of God given to (Paul) by the effective working of His power . . . that (Paul) should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ” (Ephesians 3:6-8) – therefore, the Church is not only a witness to God’s ability to “graft them in again” but she is destined to bare mutual testimony against the machinations under the sway of the Evil One – against the “kingdoms of this world” – prior to the infamous day of Judgment, the Wrath of God and the Lamb!

One would think that our Amillenarian brethren would “cease and desist” their horrific and disquieting efforts (a rather declarative embarrassment to most thoughtful eschatologists) at mathematical gymnastics especially surrounding their tortured attempts at numerology (witness Harold Camping’s latest ill-fated mathematical gymnastics – a repeat, for certain, of his previous ill-conceived attempts to pinpoint the Rapture, Judgment and Second Coming of Christ) – most of which is not only inaccurate but devious in a vain and entrenched effort to dissuade believers into thinking that the Almighty has terminated his contract with Israel of the flesh and has accorded the Church all her favors both celestial and terrestrial.

In considering that the “footsteps of Messiah” are heard from Japan to Wall Street, from Bahrain to Morocco and from a plethora of false prophets (like Camping – notwithstanding some of the most beautiful music of the Church and radio Bible reading on earth) – many of whom assume some of the cleverest garments of pluperfect evangelicalism – one would conjecture that given the extremity of earth’s upheavals and those beating the drums of the end of the world (some claiming 2011 or 2012 for sure will end it all) that those listening would be wise to search out the truth of the matter before concluding all is lost.  “The truth is out there” – rest assured, but like the principle of the “wheat and the tares” – they grow together until the end (indistinguishable they be) – but for them who dare search “to and fro throughout the Scripture of Truth” – knowledge of the prophetic shall increase and become great (Daniel 12:4).


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2The Almighty is altogether wise and has left us an indelible footprint to follow – His intention, I and others affirm (e.g., our dear brother, Dr. Gavin Finley of Endtime Pilgrim) – are hidden in the Feasts of Israel – either fulfilled now in Messiah Jesus or yet to be fulfilled and/or once again revisited to invigorate the prophetic implications of our destiny in these “Latter Years.”  We may have a different take on their eschatological unfolding and imperatives; however, the more one beholds their exegetical meanings, understands how our Lord Jesus in John’s Gospel and elsewhere throughout the New Testament acquainted His ministry with these very feast days to highlight His association with them prophetically and spiritually, the more the observer declares the incredible timeliness of God’s inerrant Word for our day.  To stand idly by and not exclaim:  How Great is our God! … after seeing Christ, the Messiah, in the Feasts and how they bear witness to astounding prophetic significance… ‘twould be an insult to the divine time table and the Designer, Who’s amazing numerological calendar points the way to God’s righteous intentions for humankind and unending testament to His faithfulness to both Israel and the Church.






By Dene McGriff

2Something unsettling is in the air – wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, flood, drought, political unrest, conflict everywhere, nuclear disaster, and the potential for economic meltdown. 

The number three economy, Japan, has ground to a halt as the Land of the Rising Sun tries to regroup after the recent devastation.  The entire Middle East is erupting in what some think is a democratic wave – or will it end in a takeover by Muslim extremists?

Demonstrations and instability have resulted in soaring oil prices as gasoline surges past the $4 a gallon mark - lifting all prices with it, spreading  the fear of inflation and a weak dollar and the possibility that countries heavily invested in US treasuries will begin to cash them in causing interest rates to soar.

All the while, the band plays on as the people on the “unsinkable” Titanic called “earth” continue to party on.  Some people bury their heads in the sand of their own struggles and ignore what’s happening.  Others prepare for the worst while Christians hope for the best, believe they will be taken out of the mess by a pre-tribulation rapture event; while others carefully read the Bible and discover that everything happening today was foretold thousands of years ago in amazing detail.  There is no reason to be afraid if the outcome is clear and our trust is in the One who will bring us through.

The Bible is an incredible book that comes to life in our hands as the Holy Spirit illuminates the meaning for us.  It is historically accurate and incredibly specific.  But most of all, it is the future foretold by God Himself so His people can be prepared and be ready to stand and be counted as the fires of persecution begin to burn once again in what we are told will be the greatest Tribulation the world has ever seen.  This should not be seen as a defeat but the churches finest hour as she boldly stands.

If we were to ask what is the overriding characteristic of the last days leading up to the tribulation?  One would have to say that it is deception on all fronts – spiritual, political economic, etc.  We need discernment.  We need to think outside the box or we will surely fall to the great deception of the times.  Believe me.  It won’t be so obvious.  Have you ever been the only person walking down the street against a crowd of people walking in the opposite direction?  You think you are going to the same place but begin to question yourself.  How could I be right when everyone is going the other way?  Satan is a liar and the deceiver of the brethren and he knows how to spin the story in such a way to fool 99 percent of the people 99 percent of the time.  Be careful of the truths you hold as self evident.  Be careful not to believe all the things you were taught as a young person, in school, in your church and all the “facts” presented to you as “fact”.  In all likelihood you are not getting the truth.  Let’s look at what we are being told about all the meltdowns going on right now.  Meltdowns everywhere!